John Abbott College offers plenty of services to students for free. Here’s a list of services offered to you for free.

Student Services

Herzberg-148 – (514)-457-6610 x5292
Located in the main hallway on the first floor of Herzberg near Penfield, has a big sign above the door so you can’t miss it!

  • Lost and Found items are kept here for two weeks. Unclaimed items are sold once a year to the entire school, with proceeds going to the Student Assistance Fund.

  • Academic Advising

    Herzberg-148 – (514)-457-6610 x5292
    Offers information and can answer your questions about:

  • Pre-university and professional programs offered at John Abbott College.
  • Academic policies and procedures such as registration, course load and correction, course and College withdrawals, standing and advancement, commandites courses, change of program.
  • Course selection through individualized program planning to meet your goals. This includes summer courses.
  • University program admission requirements, application procedures and deadlines and general university information including program structure, scholarships, residence and tuition fees.
  • University applications to programs such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Communications.
  • Career opportunities and the educational qualifications required.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor early in their stay at the College. You must book by appointment. “Quick advising” service offered: N/A.


    Herzberg-148 – (514)-457-6610 x5292
    Offers free counselling to all students and staffed by professional psychologists and counsellors.

  • Free personal counselling for a wide variety of concerns including: family tension , depression, anxiety, relationships, recent or past abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, among others.
  • Career exploration workshops that can help students gain a deeper understanding of their interests, personality, skills, values, and lifestyle goals in order to identify potential career paths.
  • Classroom workshops on themes such as: self-care for the health care worker, grief counselling, and group dynamics.
  • Financial Assistance Services

    Herzberg-148 – (514)-457-6610 x5292
    *moving in to Student Services from Health and Wellness this semester
    Offers informations and forms on the Québec Loans & Bursaries Program, loans for out-of-province students, and support for students struggling financially.

  • Bursaries: close to $33 000 is available every year to assist students who are facing financial difficulties. Deadlines vary.
  • Student Assistance Fund was created by the College community to assist students in need of fiancial assistance. Students are invited to discuss their situation with the Financial Assistance Officer.
  • Certain textbooks can be loaned from the John Abbott library for one semester at a time.
  • Scholarships for graduating students who are pursuing university studies totalling $20 000.
  • Food bank is open to students struggling to eat well. Offers non-perishable foods.
  • More information about financial assistance for students pursuing their studies at the university level may be obtained from the University and Career Information Centre.

    Student Employment Centre

    Herzberg-148 – (514)-457-6610 x5292
    Offers employment opportunities to students on and off campus.

  • Online job postings advertising part-time, full-time and summer jobs for students, as well as jobs on campus. Positions may be targeted toa . program or general in nature. Jobs are posted on My JAC Portal under Employment Centre/Jobs. Employers are screened to ensure work hours fall within recommended guidelines.
  • Workshops and individual coaching seminars on effective resumé writing, interviewing, and labour market information. Individual appointments are available and support is offered to students in balancing working hours with full-time studies, or in dealing with a difficult employer.
  • Special events are regularly organized like the Career Fair in the Fall semester and the Summer Job Fair in March for students to explore career options.
  • Additional services include volunteer opportunities, business start-up information, work-abroad programs, job bank sites, and information on the legal rights that protect student workers.

  • Student Activities

    Herzberg-159 – (514)-457-6610 x5320
    Located in Herzberg first floor next to the Agora, Student Activities manages all activities geared towards students.

    Health and Wellness Centre

    Herzberg- – (514)-457-6610 x
    Located in Herzberg first floor, across from Student Services.

  • Free and private consultations with our Health Education Nurses are available to all students to discuss a variety of health concerns such as general health, mental health, nutrition, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Health screening and testing is available, including blood pressure, pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV testing.
  • Medical clinics are held weekly throughout the academic year by appointment at the reception inside the Health and Wellness Centre.
  • Health eduction and promotion is a major goal of the Health and Wellness Centre, Campus-wide programming, group and individual sessions address such topics as sexual health, substance abuse, nutrition, self-care, eating disorders and lifestyle issues.

  • Academic Success Centre

    Herzberg- – (514)-457-6610 x
    The Academic Success Centre offers many resources based around study skills for all students and faculty.

  • Individual study skills workshops and series on topics such as time management, essay writing, test taking strategies and more.
  • Dynamic peer tutoring that offers free subject-based tutoring to all students.
  • Tutor training for College-level tutors.
  • Individual support for students aimed at improving their studying habits and writing skills.
  • English Second Language (ESL) tutorial program assist first-semester students with their English language acquisition and reading/writing assignments.
  • The Athlete Academic Student Involvement Program (AASIP) is a daily athlete academic tutorial.

  • Aboriginal Student Resource Centre

    Herzberg- – (514)-457-6610 x
    A variety of support resources geared towards Aboriginal students.

  • Subject based tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Workshops on academics and health.
  • Personal assistance with individual problems.
  • Involvement in sports and other activities.

  • Access Centre

    Students with mental/health/physical disabilities can benefit from the specialized services offered here.

  • Equipment rentals such as laptops, scanners, WordQ, SpeakQ, Kurzweil text readers, and FM systems.
  • Priority registration.
  • Exam invigilation.
  • Note taking.

  • Students Helping Students

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