Start a Club

Want to start a club? Here’s how! Please check out the full Club Manual by clicking here. You can obtain a printed copy or have your questions answered at SUJAC or at Student Activities.

First step is to consult either the VP Internal at SUJAC, or anyone at Student Activities. Here you can find out whether or not the club already exists (click here for the full active club list), and to go over anything you need to know going forward.

Second step is to organize an informational meeting during the week (we recommend starting it at 5:30pm). This meeting will be used to invite and inform your potential club members about your club. Note that this meeting has to be advertised on Omnivox, through Student Activities, at least 3 days beforehand. You can also book a classroom to host your meeting at Student Activities.

Step three is to organize your meeting’s agenda, determine the goals for your club, and to set its objectives. All of this should be done before your actual meeting and should be saved.

Step four is to note down all those who showed up at your meeting, along with taking down their Student ID numbers. Use this along with your clubs goals and objectives, to write a letter addressed to the Clubs Committee, in order to obtain Official Club Status. Submit this letter to the VP Internal at SUJAC.

Note: Official Club Status is required to obtain a budget, a club room, as well as be able to associate your club as an official John Abbott College club. You need at least 10 members to obtain Official Club Status. Clubs with Official Club Status must meet with a club advisor and the SUJAC VP Internal at the start of each semester.

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