SIR Program

What is SIR?

The Student Involvement Recognition Program is meant to recognize actively involved students in many facets of school life. This includes sports teams, clubs, student government (SUJAC, Congress, Committees), or other volunteerism & fundraising activities, done either internally or externally, during your time at John Abbott College. SIR recognizes all this hard work for your official academic transcript. This can help your chances for university admissions and scholarship applications.

By being involved you are enriching your life as well as the lives of others. You are also developing valuable skills, values, and competencies which complement your academic achievements here at John Abbott College!

To be recognized, you must meet the following criteria:

  • be involved in a single activity for a minimum of 60 hours in 1 semester.
  • be a full time student at John Abbott College for the entire duration of your involvement.
  • be in good academic standing.
  • you must not obtain any form of compensation.
  • What activities can you be involved in?

    Take a pick!

  • Community and Social Activities
  • Includes activities to improve the quality of life of a community, provide a type of support or assistance and contribute to developing citizenship.
    Examples: active participation in clubs/student government, implementing environmental projects, volunteering.

  • Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Includes activities that put students at the heart of a business project;:
    starting, managing and/or networking a business.
    Examples: starting up a small student business,
    creating and managing a major, self-funded activity, actively participating in a student entrepreneur club, being involved in a project at SandBox.

  • Political Activities
  • Includes activities that focus on defending the rights of students or other social groups through participating in national and international societal debates, being a representative or active member of student government, or any activity whose goal is to influence other students, college decision makers,
    governments, etc.
    Examples: being an active member of SUJAC (as Congress member or Executive), being involved on an ongoing basis in the local chapter of a political party, organizing awareness weeks on political issues.

  • Artistic and Cultural Activities
  • Includes activities that result in the public display of work, that involve creating, producing, organizing or exhibiting work in order to enrich cultural life.
    Examples: organizing a talent show, being part of a musical group, organizing an exhibit or a play.

  • Science Related Activities
  • Includes scientific and technical activities that involve research, testing or communication and that raise the level of interest and knowledge in science and technology.
    Examples: competing in a science competition, designing and constructing a meaningful extra-curricular experiment, preparing and presenting research at a science conference.

  • Educational and Academic Related Activities
  • Includes co-curricular activities that are an extension of the student’s program of study and career path such as peer learning programs, activities that complement the program of study or emphasize academic achievements and that foster a culture of learning.
    Examples: involvement in “non-credit” upgrading activities, starting up projects that showcase academic achievements, volunteering as a tutor in a support centre.

  • Sports and Athletic Activities
  • Includes activities that go beyond merely practicing a sport for recreation; they concern student-athletes as well as members of sports clubs and committees.
    Examples: being a member of an intercollegiate/intramural team, the Outdoor Adventure Club, organizing sports activities on a regular basis.

    How to apply?

  • Make sure you meet all criteria.
  • Download the form here, or obtain a copy at Student Activities (H-159). If you have any questions about SIR, speak to the SIR Advisor there.
  • Fill out the form, keep track of your hours.
  • Hand in the form to the SIR Advisor at Student Activities at the end of the semester.
  • Students Helping Students

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