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We have a host of student-run clubs ranging from Politics to Breakdancing, as well as some specialized clubs like Bandersnatch, the student-run college newspaper.
To dispel misconceptions, it is recommended you check out the Club FAQ.

Anime Club

Here at John Abbott College’s Anime Club we talk about what anime we’ve been watching in the clubroom. Watch the first episodes of anime at meetings every Wednesday evening. And once a semester feature an anime film for the school. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, come join us in the Anime Club!

Archery Club

Asian Club

The Asian Club is a social club for appreciation of Asian cultures.


Bandersnatch is the official John Abbott College newspaper run by a team of devoted students.

Black Community Club

The Black Community Club is a social club about celebrating black culture.

Chess Club

Chess Club plays chess and is open to all no matter of skill level.

Christian Fellowship Club

Christian Fellowship is a social club for students who believe in Christianity.


Congress is the student government’s body. It meets weekly (date TBD) and discusses issues around the school, while working with SUJAC Executives to find solutions.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club meets weekly and allows students to learn how to cook crowd-sourced dishes ranging from baking to cultural dishes. Students get to try new recipes, along with learning skills in the kitchen.


At CSKY radio, we provide a student run music service that broadcasts within the halls of John Abbott College. It is a place where people can come together and share each other’s musical tastes. Every shift at CSKY radio is unique in it’s own way as the music reflects the people on shift, you can always expect something new at CSKY radio.

Dance Club

Dance Club is often found in the Dance Studios located in the Casgrain basement. They celebrate the art of dance & love doing so. They’re happy with any style as long as you’re dancing!

Break Dancing / Hip Hop Club

Hip Hop club focuses more on the style of dance of its namesake.

Debate Club


FemClub celebrates all things feminist & isn’t afraid to talk about issues revolving around women. They can often be found in the hallways to discuss issues & educate fellow students.

Filmmaking Club

Free the Children Club

Gay And Lesbian Association (GALA)

GALA is a social club & safe space for all students who fall under the LGTBQ umbrella. They are open and welcoming to all, so don’t be shy!

Gamers Club

The Gamers Club is a social club for students who enjoy playing all kinds of games, from card games to board games, to video games.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Organized by the Gamers Club, the Dungeons & Dragons club is open to all who are interested in trying out or getting into the game. They welcome both experienced players as well as newcomers. Groups are made based on schedules.

Hillel Club

Hillel Club is a social club for Jewish students.

Investment Club

JAC Environmental Club

JAC Young Conservatives Club

JAC Young Liberals Club

JACtivists Club

K-Pop Club

Leadership Club

League of Legends Club

Math Team

Model United Nations (JACMUN)

Music Club

The Music Club is all about appreciating music. Members are free to bring in their own instruments to jam out. They often perform at events like the Variety shows!

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The MSA is a social club for Muslim students.

Outdoor Adventures Club (OAC)

The OAC is a conglomerate of clubs focused on getting students interested in the outdoors. All three sections of the OAC have a 10$ membership fee that is valid for the full school year (Fall and Winter semesters). This club is “No experience required”. We will teach you all you need to know. All essential gear such as harnesses is provided at the Sports Desk for free.

Hiking & Camping Club

The Hiking & Camping Club organizes really fun hiking/camping trips for students to partake in. Trips in the past have gone to the Adirondacks, Tremblant, Sutton, etc. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Kayaking Club

The Kayaking Club also embark on a few trips throughout the semester. This section of the club also has access to the JAC pool in which members can learn and tune their kayaking skills.

Rock Climbing Club

The Rock Climbing Club gets together weekly to use the rock climbing walls in Casgrain gym 3. Members also have access to the bouldering cave. Throughout the semester, the club will also tag along with a rock climbing class for a weekend of rock climbing fun. The club offers a great opportunity to experience rock climbing on real rocks.

Robotics Club

Robotics Club aims to teach and let people have hands-on experience with robotics. They represent JAC at competitions.

Smash Bros Club

Smash Bros Club hosts weekly gaming tournaments for the popular series “Super Smash Bros.”, a fighting game featuring Nintendo characters, and have hosted an intercollegiate tournament in January earlier this year. Our purpose is to bring people together who love the game and introduce them to the competitive environment in hope of growing the Montreal scene.

Squash Club

Squash Club is organized by the Sports & Recreation department and offer equipment & access to the 6 squash courts in Casgrain for a one-time 10$ fee.
The club is open to students of all skill levels, and organizes a tournament at the end of each semester.

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