Academic Complaints Procedure & Grade Review

The Academic Complaints Procedure (previously known as Academic Grievances) consists of the steps you, as a student at John Abbott College, are entitled to if you believe your teacher is infringing on your rights. Your rights can be found in the IPESA. This procedure is a last ditch effort and should be treated as such.

You want to file a complaint.

1. Speak to your teacher. Try to resolve any issues on an informal level.
2. Notify your Student Union. Visit us at Penfield 101 to meet with the VP Academic or email them at Get advice on how to go forward and any contact information for your department chair.
3. See your Department Chair. Speak to your department’s chairperson about the issue and possible solutions.
4. Speak to the Associate Dean. Have the VP Academic make an appointment with the Associate Dean for you. In most cases, this is the last step.
5. Speak to the Academic Dean. Speak to the VP Academic to get you an appointment with the Academic Dean.
6. Board of Governors. Speak to the VP Academic. Only exceptional cases will get to this point.

Grade Review

1. Speak to your teacher. Try to resolve any issues on an informal level.
2. File a Request Form. Visit the Registrar’s Office for more information.
3. Grade Review Committee. This committee composed of three teachers (including yours) from the department, will review all of your tests and course work. They will contact you with the reviewed results within 10 working days.
4. Speak to the Academic Dean. If you aren’t satisfied, see the VP Academic about appealing to the Academic Dean.

In any and all cases, it is best advised to see the VP Academic at Penfield 101 and consult them between every step.

Students Helping Students

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