Meet the Execs

Sean Smith, President

Hi fellow JAC Students! I am Sean Smith, and I am in my 2nd year of Business Management Marketing here at John Abbott. I am honored to also serve as your President of our Student Union this year.
In my first year here at John Abbott, I wanted to get involved and help this amazing College. I walked in to Student Activities and spoke with Student Advisor Bill Mahon, and the rest is history. Bill told me about SUJAC and I became a Congress member. I continued in Congress until I became President last semester.
As your President, I oversee the interaction between SUJAC and the College. As a team, SUJAC is your link to the Administration and Faculty. As President, I have put forward an ambitious and progressive platform that I plan to turn to reality. All of you are part of SUJAC and I am here for you. Ask not what SUJAC can do for you — ask what you can do for SUJAC.

Harrison Kirshner, Vice-President Internal

Hey everyone, it’s Harrison here. it’s my second year attending John Abbott as a student of social science /math. I feel so happy to serve as your Vice President internal this year . I Was involved in SUJAC as a Congress member my first year at Abbott last year .Throughout my life I have always enjoyed meeting new people and working with others to make a difference and that is exactly what being apart of SUJAC is . So get involved, whether in clubs ,sports or SUJAC to make your year great.

I also enjoy travel, drama ,politics ,art , being with my family and Friends,and enjoying good food From the moment I set foot in Abbott I fell in love with the warm and caring family atmosphere .A dynamic that can not be beat. This is made by the amazing student body and staff that make up our terrific school.

As VP internal I get to work hand in hand with John Abbott clubs and work with other executives and each one of you to hopefully make our life as students even better. If you have any questions or just want to say hi , you are always more then welcome to visit me in P-101 . Remember to get involved and keep your spirits high!!

Jessica Bloom, Vice-President Academic

Hey everyone, my name is Jessica Bloom. I am a second-year science student at John Abbott and I will be taking on the role of Vice-President Academic for SUJAC this year. I could not be more excited to join an excellent group of leaders to take on the challenge of attempting to improve student life at John Abbott College.

I decided to get involved with SUJAC this year because I love helping people and as VP Academic I get to do a lot of that. Handling student grievances and making sure that students’ rights are upheld throughout the college falls under my mandate and will take up most of my time this year. However, I do plan on organizing fun events to help students de-stress as well.

When I am not at school you can find me working with the West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped, having fun at my summer camp and watching TV with my sisters. However, one of my passions has always been being involved in the planning of various activities and initiatives at my school and my camp. I have lots of experience with being a student-leader and I plan to bring my knowledge to SUJAC to hopefully make the 2017-2018 school year wonderful. My door is always open if you need help or information, just stop by P-101 or send me a message directly and I would be glad to help in any way I can.

Tara Soltani, Vice-President Finance

Hello! I’m Tara soltani and this is my second year at john abbot as a commerce student. I’m almost always happy and energetic; which makes me question if it’s out of being hyperactive or extremely positive. Either-or I’m grateful for it.

As the Vp finance, I plan on maximizing finances by ensuring that student fees are spent on items that are beneficial to each and every student. I also intend on tackling the affordability issue caused by expensive books and cafeteria prices alongside my fellow execs and Abbot’s deans.

Omar Galal, Vice-President External

Hey! It’s Omar Galal and I’m a second year Science student here at John Abbott College. I might be the youngest of all the execs but I’m in no way less determined and motivated than them to reach our collective goal of making John Abbott a better place for everybody!

Throughout my 14 years of academic life, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the world and change schools a total of 11 times. Even though this might seem like a nightmare to some, I truly enjoyed every single bit of it and made sure to always learn from my experiences in order to improve as a person and become more enriched and cultured along the way.

Despite having attended numerous schools around the world, I can truly say that John Abbott has a special place in my heart. It is very much a home for those who need a home. This is why I felt obligated to get involved with SUJAC in order to protect the enriching and harmonious environment we are so lucky to call our own here at the college.

As VP External, my role is mainly to take care of affairs between colleges and to represent John Abbott in the presence of other schools. This year, I will mainly be focusing on strengthing the intercollegiate bond in order to get great and fresh ideas that can eventually benefit the college.

Michel Burgy, Vice-President of Communications

Hi I’m Michel, I’m a second year Graphic & Web Design student, have been involved in SUJAC since Winter 2016, been an Executive since Fall 2016, and live in Residence. I like movies, hockey, games, socks, and bears. I’m a huge nerd, I collect movies, I play Dungeons & Dragons, I cook, and I do my best to always help others. I like to keep myself available to everyone and be as helpful as can be.

I joined SUJAC because John Abbott College has a distinctive environment that offers so much to students. Whether it be the fantastic relationship the Student Union has with the College, or the support that clubs get, or even the many sports teams we have. Getting involved is beneficial, it’s easy, and it’ll greatly improve your time here.

As VP Communications, my job is to manage all social media at SUJAC and managing SUJAC’s brand. One of the things I wanted to focus on this year was getting feedback and opinions from students, so expect to see us out in the hallways a lot. Don’t be afraid to say hi and talk to me!

Students Helping Students

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