About Congress

What is Congress?

The Student Congress (or Congress, for short) is a group of students involved in student government.


They are responsible for…

  • promoting the rights and interests of the students of John Abbott College in all matters relating to their part in the College.
  • representing the students of John Abbott College in all matters, be they academic or other, relating to the College.
  • promoting and maintaining responsible student government and College-wide student participation.
  • electing the 2 final candidates for the SUJAC Executive.
  • Congress Members

    Congress is headed by a Chairperson and Secretary.
    The Chairperson is elected by Congress at the beginning of each semester. They are responsible for chairing, and for the smooth operation of, all Congress meetings. They are unable to vote on matters, however will be a tie-breaker if needed. They are also responsible for the communication between Congress and Executives.
    The Secretary is also elected by Congress at the beginning of each semester. They are responsible for the recording of Congress Minutes.

    A Congress member is expected to represent 125 students in both Pre-University and Professional programs. Their duties include defending the greater interest of the Student Body as a whole, to represent the interests of the students’ constituency, and to adhere to the rules and regulations of Congress established by SUJAC.

    Clubs who have 1000$ or more in their budgets are required to have a member represent them in Congress or face penalization in the form of their budgets being withheld.

    Joining Congress

    To join Congress, you must:

  • be a full-time student enrolled at John Abbott College in either a Pre-University or Professional program.
  • complete and hand in the application form which requires information and 25 signatures from full-time students enrolled at John Abbott College, which is available in the beginning of every semester.
  • attend the first informational meeting, which will be communicated to you through MIO.
  • Note that Congress members are required to attend 3 out of 5 meetings or will be removed from Congress. Removed members will have to state their case to Congress who will vote on reinstating the removed member.

    Students Helping Students

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