Here is a list of accomplishments from SUJAC & Congress, in no particular order.

2017 Academic Year

2016 Academic Year

  • AFCS Conference: after years of absence, SUJAC brings back the Administration-Faculty-Clubs-Students Conference to discuss current issues around campus on all levels.
  • WIFI: Congress, along with SUJAC Executives, successfully worked with the College to improve the WIFI network on campus.
  • Gradebook: SUJAC fought for mandatory use of the LEA Gradebook for Faculty Academic Progress Reports & Mid-Semester Assessments.
  • Library Computers: Congress conducted a survey to improve the computers in the library amid complaints over wait times. With the help of SUJAC’s President, the problems were brought to attention and fixed.
  • Healthcare: with efforts from the previous year’s Executive team, a student healthcare plan was finalized and put into use.
  • Congress Size: Fall 2016 Congress was one of the biggest ever, with the first meeting having over 40 members!
  • Leadership Retreat: VP Internal, VP Finance, and Student Activities worked together to plan a weekend trip to Cap Saint-Jacques inviting club leaders & members, Congress & SUJAC Executives. The trip consisted of various workshops & was a huge success! A second trip was done the following semester.
  • Foreign Language Tutoring: VP Academic along with the Academic Success Centre organized a tutoring program for foreign languages (Mandarin, Italian, German, Spanish).
  • Breakfast for a Buck: VP Academic organized a week-long initiative with the Cafeteria to offer students healthy breakfasts for a dollar.
  • JAC Film Festival: SUJAC backed the first ever John Abbott College Student Film Festival.
  • Murder Mystery: VP Finance & VP Communications put on a Murder Mystery Dinner event with the help of Professional Theatre students. Proceeds went towards the annual Loonie Line.
  • Suit Up Day: SUJAC President & VP Communications organized a day for students to dress up & have their pictures taken professionally in order to have proper headshots for professional use.
  • Montreal Flood Relief: SUJAC donated $2250 worth of supplies to the West Island Food Bank, as well as another $2250 to the Canadian Red Cross’ Special Flood Fund during the floods that plagued the West Island of Montreal.
  • Students Helping Students

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