What is SUJAC?

“The mission of the Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC) is to provide the student body with committed student representation to promote and protect student rights; to oversee the allocation of student funds; and to offer the opportunity for participation in student clubs and activities to enhance student development and potential for success and community life.”
SUJAC Mission Statement

SUJAC Executives

SUJAC is comprised of all students registered in John Abbott College. This union is maintained by 6 students (aka: SUJAC Executives) elected by a Student Congress (see here) at the end of each academic year. The roles of each executive is as follows:

  • The President acts as the spokesperson for SUJAC and is responsible for its overall operation, for delegating undefined responsibilities, and for coordinating SUJAC related activities.
  • The VP Internal is responsible for maintaining communications and relations of all internal student student organizations (i.e. clubs, committees, and Congress), is responsible for all communications with and mobilizations of the Student Body, replacing the SUJAC President when unavailable to fulfill their duties, acts as the Chief Returning Officer for all SUJAC elections, and is responsible to chair the first Congress meeting of each academic year.
  • The VP Academic is responsible for academic matters, is responsible for academic representation within departments, and is responsible for handling Academic Complaints and Grade Reviews.
  • The VP Finance is responsible for the preparation and orderly administration of SUJAC’s finances, is responsible for providing a financial statement of SUJAC’s finances twice per semester, and is the SUJAC representative as Chairperson of the Student Activity Committee (SAC).
  • The VP External is responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with organizations external to the College, and is responsible for active participation in the Confederation of Anglophone CEGEPs (COAC).
  • The VP Communications is responsible for managing social media accounts and online presence for SUJAC, is responsible in maintaining & protecting SUJAC’s brand & identity, is responsible in creating advertising materials for SUJAC, and is the representative on the Communications Student Advisory Committee (CSAC).

Executives are expected to maintain SUJAC as a whole and perform their duties and mandates, and to uphold the students rights and interests.

Becoming an Executive

To become an Executive, you must:

  • be a full-time student enrolled at John Abbott College.
  • Nomination Period
  • fill out and submit an application form available at SUJAC towards the end of every Academic Year. The form requires information and 50 signatures from full-time John Abbott College students.
  • Info Sessions are open to all students who want to know more or have questions regarding Executive duties.
  • Nominees must present their platforms in a speech to Congress, who will vote down each positions’ candidates down to a maximum of 2 candidates per position.
  • Note that if a candidate runs unopposed, they may be acclaimed to the position, omitting them from the rest of the election and automatically giving them the position.

    Campaigning Period
  • Candidates have 2 weeks to promote themselves to the student body while respecting the guidelines and regulations set by SUJAC or else face disqualification.
  • Voting Period
  • The student body votes on Omnivox. The results will be announced by SUJAC.
  • Students Helping Students